4 Things to Look for When Buying Shirts for Men

Did you know that over 2 billion t-shirts are produced and sold each year?

As a modern man, you no doubt have dozens of shirts folded in your drawers and hanging in your closet. Eventually, though, they’ll all need replacing. What can you do to ensure you buy the best shirts for men to keep your wardrobe fresh and stylish?

Here are four factors to consider with every purchase.

1. Your Size & Body Type

There’s a lot more to picking the right shirt than knowing whether you wear a small, medium, or large. You might be tall and thin with a long torso, or shorter and wider with a large neck.

The point is: Shirts are not one-size-fits-all. Before you head to the department store to browse nice shirts for men, you should know your basic measurements. This includes neck size, chest size, waist size, and arm length.

Ideally, you want your dress shirts to be nicely fitted to your body without it looking like the buttons are going to pop off. T-shirts and golf shirts for men can be a little looser, but any excess fabric that bunches will only make you look top-heavy. When it comes to collars, you should be able to fit one finger between the shirt and your neck — two fingers mean it’s too loose.

2. The Type of Fabric

Cotton is a classic choice, and why not? It’s natural, comfortable, and keeps you cool all day long.

However, there are dozens of other fabrics to explore, from rayon and silk to poplin, flannel, and linen. The best fabric for you depends on the season, the humidity levels, and where you’re going to wear the shirt.

Bonus tip: Shirts advertised as “non-iron” or “non-wrinkle” may be low-maintenance, but they’re also less breathable than natural fabrics. Keep this in mind if you live or are traveling somewhere hot!

3. Any Special Features

Next, think about any special features you might want in your next shirt purchase. In dress shirts, for example, do you want French cuffs to show off your favorite cufflinks? Do you want a casual t-shirt that showcases your favorite superhero or TV character?

There are also practical features to consider too, such as high visibility shirts for construction work. You can even get FR shirts that are fire-resistant or fire-retardant!

4. The Price

Shirt prices range from ridiculously cheap to obscenely expensive. If you have a big shopping budget, you might have the freedom to buy any shirts you like regardless of price.

For most of us, though, we want to buy the best quality products we can for an affordable price tag. It’s worth taking the time to compare prices, fabrics, and features, especially when you’re shopping online and can’t try the shirt on before buying it.

Start Shopping for the Best Shirts for Men

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options when you’re shopping online. Whether you’re shopping for button-up shirts for men, casual shirts for men, or anything in between, the tips above will help you in your search!

Now that you know how to find the best shirts for men, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more helpful articles like this one!

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