Best Credit Card Dining Promotion in Singapore

There are many types of credit cards, and each one of them gives you different benefits. Reward credit cards give you advantages when you use your card a certain amount of times, some give you better deals and promotions, and others can even get back part of the money you spent!

Credit cards that give you benefits when you go to a restaurant are called dining credit cards. You receive special deals and benefits when you use them, however, most dining cards are cashback alternatives. What cashback cards do is give you a fixed percentage of the money you spend on qualifying purchases. If you want to know what the best credit cards in Singapore are, you’ve landed on the right page. Read further and make the right choice in choosing the right card for you. 

Citi Cash Back Card

The Citi Cash Back Card is by far one of the most generous credit cards in Singapore. As its name suggests, it’s a cashback card, so you get a part of your money back when you make purchases. The good thing about the Citi card is the percentage of your funds you receive on every purchase.

Credit cards normally give you one or two per cent back for qualifying purchases. Bonus category cards can get to three or four percent, but it’s weird to see a bank offering more than that. The Citi cashback card gets you six per cent cashback when dining at restaurants, fast food joints, and cafes. 

The only problem with this card is that it doesn’t give you those benefits when buying food online or ordering food delivery. Yet, people don’t mind that when they see they also get eight per cent cashback from groceries. 

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card 

Unlike the previous card in this list, the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card is not a cashback card. Instead, it offers you some rewards when spending money on dining services. This card also excludes food delivery services, so it’s better to go to the restaurant yourself if you have the Standard Chartered Card. 

The rewards include 2x reward points when buying food at regular food joints and 10x reward points when going to foreign currency dining restaurants. Those reward points can translate to shopping mall vouchers and even discounts at some restaurants. 

POSB Everyday Card 

After reading what the previous credit cards had to offer, you may have worried about people who like to order food delivery services. There’s nothing to worry about. The POSB Everyday Card focuses on benefiting food delivery fans even more than it helps the ones who go to onsite restaurants. 

When using this card, you receive 10% cashback from online food delivery and three per cent for the food you buy at restaurants, cafes, and fast-food joints. This is the option for you if you prefer staying at home instead of going to a restaurant. 

Wrapping Up

Those were some of the best credit card dining promotions in Singapore, however, there are many other options available for you in this country. Analyze your priorities and decide which one is better for you! Keep in mind that you need a good credit score to apply for reward credit cards.  

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