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Are Press Release Distribution Services Worth It: The Pros and Cons

Over 90% of marketers claim they use content marketing to reach their customers. Unfortunately, over 60% struggle to drive traffic and generate leads. It’s not enough to create content anymore.

Instead, consider using press release distribution services as well. Press releases can boost your brand’s online visibility and credibility. You can generate more website traffic, which can support your search engine strategy.

In fact, over 60% of marketers already outsource content marketing.

Outsourcing your PR strategy to a press release distribution company could give your business an edge. You can stand out from the crowd and give your business the boost it needs!

On the fence? Here are a few pros and cons to keep in mind. After reviewing this guide, you can make a more informed decision for your business.

Read on to learn more.

Probable Pros

Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing. If you’re struggling to reach customers, consider using press release writing. You can stick to your budget, draw in leads, and improve your ROI.

That’s only the start!

Here are a few other benefits to keep in mind before you hire press release distribution services.

1. Appear in Front of Ideal Customers

About 84% of marketers use content marketing to generate brand awareness. Another 75% use it to educate their audience. Meanwhile, 65% use content to boost brand credibility and trust.

Regardless of your goals, press release distribution services can help. How? Namely, writing press releases can help you appear in front of your target audience.

Then, you can boost awareness, educate, establish your credibility, and build trust.

If you’re not reaching your ideal customers, you can’t accomplish any of those goals.

Trying to find the exact publications your customers trust can take time. Instead, consider working with a press release company. They already have a list of media outlets they work with.

They can choose which media outlets to share their story with based on the audience they want to reach.

In fact, it’s important to choose a publication with your audience in mind. Otherwise, journalists might not find your story relevant. They could toss your story to the bottom of the stack.

You’ll miss your chance to generate brand awareness and boost your online visibility.

Instead, consider working with a press release distribution company. They can help you choose the right publications. Some companies can even write a press release for you.

They’ll ensure you meet the publication’s requirements, increasing your chances of getting published.

2. Avoid Formatting Errors

Finding the right publications is only one step in the process. You’ll need to ensure your press release is formatted properly, too. Otherwise, journalists might take one look and stop reading.

You don’t want your press release to end up in the trash. Instead, work with a press release distribution company. They can help you avoid costly mistakes with your press releases.

First, they’ll make sure your press release follows the correct format.

For example, journalists write using the inverted pyramid style. They place the most important information at the top of the story. The lede, or opening paragraph, should include the five Ws.

Conveying the story’s who, what, when, where, and why will help readers understand the story’s importance. Readers shouldn’t have to skim through the entire piece to find this information.

Your formatting should also include:

  • The date, city, and state
  • Your contact information
  • “For Immediate Release” or a proposed release date
  • An attention-grabbing lede paragraph with the five Ws
  • Informative, supporting details
  • A pull quote from a relevant, credible authority at your business
  • The boilerplate information about your company
  • Contact information
  • “#” to indicate the press release is over

Journalists expect press releases to include this information.


Formatting is only part of the equation, though. If your press release isn’t attention-grabbing, journalists won’t keep reading. They won’t want to share a dull story with their readers, either.

Your press release agency will make sure your press release is compelling, too. They can help you tell a story that’s relevant to your readers. You can focus on the distinct value you’re offering your readers as well.

Journalists will see that value and want to publish your press release before someone else can.

When drafting your press release, make sure it has a single focus. For example, maybe you want to announce a merger or new product release. Either way, keeping a single focus will keep readers focused.

Otherwise, you could lose their interest.

Working with a press release company can ensure your story is compelling, interesting, and relevant to the publication. You can increase your chances of getting published with ease.

3. Determine Distribution

Press release distribution services can help you find the best possible distribution channels. You can ensure the right publications receive your story. With their help, you can expand your reach and appear in front of more customers.

Completing this step alone can get exhausting and time-consuming. You might choose the wrong distribution channels.

Even if you choose the right ones, you don’t have professional relationships you can lean on. Your story might not stand out from the stack. Journalists might not choose your release among the rest.

Don’t risk it. Instead, consider working with a press release distribution company.

These companies already have a strategy in place for distributing press releases. They’ll know which publications suit your target audience. Then, they can spend more time and energy appealing to those publications.

You can explore these lists to learn more.

Remember, choosing the right publications can help you appeal to journalists at each media outlet. Journalists will see your story is relevant to their audience.

PR distribution companies already have connections they can lean on, too.

Your PR company can also help you start cross-promoting. With their help, you can start getting published and boost your reach.

4. Edit With Accuracy

Before you send a press release to any publication, it’s important to read it over. Otherwise, grammar and spelling mistakes could cost you. Journalists might toss your press release out at the first sign of a mistake.

Look for a press release distribution company that also offers writing and editing services.

Their services can save you valuable time and effort. They can help you meet each editor’s publications. First, they’ll ensure you’re using proper grammar, spelling, and formatting.

They can help you write with each publication and audience in mind, too.

Otherwise, the story’s voice and tone might not suit the publication.

When writing press releases alone, you might rush to get through the work. Unfortunately, rushing can lead to mistakes. Without years of writing experience, you might not even identify the mistakes you made while editing.

Instead, you can work with a press release writing company. They’ll ensure your press release is clean and ready for publishing.

Some companies even offer translation services. You can rewrite your press release in other languages. Then, you can start reaching international audiences!

5. Perfect Your Pitch

As part of an effective press release marketing strategy, you’ll need a strong pitch, too.

Your pitch email will summarize your press release for each journalist you reach. Journalists receive hundreds of emails every day, though. You need to make sure your pitch stands out in their inbox.

Otherwise, journalists could press “delete” before they have a chance to pitch your story.

Consider working with an experienced press release distribution company. They’ll understand how to craft a compelling pitch email. They can save you valuable time and ensure your emails don’t get tossed out.

One of the most important components of your pitch email is the subject line. The subject line should sound short, sweet, concise, and compelling. You want to intrigue journalists and encourage them to open your email.

If you struggle with email marketing and pitches, look for a press release distribution company.

They’ll help you pitch and stand out.

6. Stronger SEO

Nearly 70% of all activity online begins with a search engine like Google. Unfortunately, only 0.78% of Google users look at the second page. If you’re not ranking at the top, you’re not reaching customers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can improve your position on search engine results pages. With SEO, you can:

  • Generate brand awareness and recognition
  • Establish your credibility in the industry
  • Rank ahead of your competitors
  • Build brand trust and loyalty
  • Generate website traffic
  • Gain leads, conversions, and sales
  • Improve your ROI

In fact, over 50% of all web traffic comes from organic search. SEO drives over 1,000% more traffic than organic social media, too.

SEO leads even have a 14.6% close rate!

Your press release writing company can help you create press releases with your SEO marketing strategy in mind. For example, you’ll need to include relevant target keywords in your piece.

You’ll need to generate backlinks, too.

Press release marketing can help you gain backlinks from high-authority domains. As an added bonus, SEO offers longevity. Some publications archive their press releases.

You can keep those links, which can boost your SEO ranking. As your SEO ranking improves, your website will appear in front of more customers. You can attract more people to your website.

Google will notice you’re attracting traffic from multiple resources. It could boost your SEO ranking even further.

If you rank ahead of competitors, you can establish yourself as a credible resource in the industry.

Work with a press release company that understands the importance of SEO. Their services could help.

7. Boost Brand Awareness

Over 80% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after reading customized content. Another 60% are more likely to buy from companies that deliver unique content.

In fact, 94% of consumers will show loyalty to a brand that offers complete transparency.

Unfortunately, it takes between five to seven impressions for people to even remember you. Without brand awareness, consumers might not choose your business among the rest. They might choose one of your competitors instead.

Before that can happen, consider the benefits of press release distribution services.

Once you publish a press release, you can start gaining immediate exposure. More customers will see your brand online. Brand awareness can soon grow into recognition.

The next time they need your product or service, consumers will recall your brand.

Gaining more online exposure can help you appear in front of future investors, too.

A higher ranking can help boost your brand’s credibility as well. Consumers will see your business before anyone else’s online. They’ll recognize you as a big player in the industry.

Either way, you can start boosting your brand, setting your business up for growth and success.

8. Save Time and Stress

Writing, editing, pitching, and distributing press releases throughout the year can take hours out of your schedule. That’s time you could spend on your customers instead. Before spending that time alone, consider hiring press release distribution services.

Remember, working with a professional team will help you avoid costly mistakes. Avoiding those mistakes can save you time in the long run.

You can spend more time boosting your business instead.

9. Reporting

Many distribution companies now offer reporting tools. You can use those tools to assess the success of your PR campaigns.

Then, you can start making more informed decisions regarding your campaigns in the future.

10. Ongoing Support

Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone.

Partnering with a press release distribution company will help you gain the help you need. Their ongoing support can save you unnecessary stress.

Potential Cons

Before hiring a PR distribution company, there are a few cons you’ll need to keep in mind.

For example, some companies are concerned about the cost. You might not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a single post.

Look for a distribution company with services that suit your budget. You can choose how many readers you want to reach based on how much you want to spend.

Some companies think press releases now fall on deaf ears. After all, publications are saturated with news stories. You’ll need to make sure your story stands out.

Otherwise, you could struggle to reach potential consumers.

Some companies think press releases are an antiquated way for journalists to receive potential stories, too.

Look for a press release agency with years of experience. They’ll ensure your PR strategy is successful. Otherwise, your press releases might not accomplish your goals.

Boost Business Weighing the Pros and Cons of Press Release Distribution Services

The pros of press release distribution services far outweigh the cons. Keep these pros and cons in mind before hiring an agency.

With their help, you could boost your business and start reaching new customers.

Searching for more tips and tricks? You’re in the right place!

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