Advantages of Offshore Sports Betting

In recent years, many states and even countries have taken steps to legalize online sports betting. After all, it’s an important source of taxable revenue, and what government can resist a new income stream?

Even so, offshore sports betting continues to remain popular despite the recent legalization initiatives. Offshore betting refers to online betting establishments that operate in markets without a license. And though you’d think gamblers would prefer to stick with licensed and legal operators, offshore online sports betting remains as popular as ever.

So what’s behind this paradoxical popularity? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of offshore betting.

1. Still the Best Option

Perhaps the primary reason why offshore sports betting retains its popularity is that some gamblers don’t have any other choices.

Despite the ongoing trend toward legalization, there are still many governments that have not recognized the legality of sports betting. The reasons for this vary, with some regarding gambling as a demoralizing vice, and others simply unable to agree upon the necessary legislation.

In such cases, online offshore sports betting sites step in to fulfill an unmet need. Unlicensed sportsbooks operate in shadier places where laws against betting are lax, and legal penalties are few and far between.

2. Few Countries Ban Offshore Sports Betting

This brings us to the next advantage of offshore sports betting: few governments outright ban it.

Offshore online sports betting sites operate in something of a legal gray area, with many states and countries noncommittal about declaring it illegal or legal. So although the activity might be frowned upon, there is little to prevent offshore operators from setting up shop.

Nevertheless, some countries—including China and North Korea—do nevertheless threaten offshore sports betting sites with legal action.

3. More Competitive Odds

Let’s not overlook the fact that offshore sports betting odds are oftentimes more advantageous than in legal betting markets.

Usually, this comes down to legal operators being able to advertise through mainstream media outlets. That’s a huge plus for them. But it includes the downside of regulatory and licensing fees, to say nothing of taxes. That’s an additional expense that the establishments pass on to gamblers through somewhat worse odds.

That’s why many hardcore gamblers prefer offshore betting, and consult sites like BMR to find the best offshore sports betting.

4. More Innovative Technology

Because of the grey area in which offshore sports betting operates, these sites often use more innovative technology and more interesting procedures.

With laxer laws and restrictions, and because of the need to attract customers, offshore online sports betting is forced to make the most of new innovations. So you’ll likely find that they offer larger bonus packages, and are able to support cryptocurrency as well as fiat currencies. There’s also good reason to suspect that offshore providers will soon integrate virtual and augmented reality tech very shortly.

5. Tax-Free!

Avoiding taxes is certainly one of the bigger advantages to making use of offshore betting.

So, if you’re willing to risk it, becoming a dedicated gambler at an offshore site is one possible way to earn tax-free income to help out with bills and other expenses. Of course, nothing’s guaranteed, and you’d have to work hard to become a skilled gambler to have any hope of making good money. But the tax-free environment is one of the major reasons why sports bettors love offshore sportsbooks.

6. Unbeatable Flexibility

The truth is, with offshore sports betting, you can play anytime and anywhere.

For one thing, offshore casinos are usually compatible with mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Many sites also offer free downloadable apps to add that extra level of convenience. That way, you can bet wherever you wish, at any time you wish.

7. Better Rewards

Many offshore online sports betting sites offer generous bonus packages. The beauty of these bonuses is that you can play for longer periods of time and potentially have better chances of winning without having to spend more money.

Welcome bonuses often range from $3,000 to $5,000, and there are also periodic bonus offers, such as free spins and new deposit offers.

8. Addiction Protections For At-Risk Gamblers

Finally, one less flashy advantage of offshore sports betting establishments is that they do offer protections against problem gambling.

Although offshore licensors have few requirements, one that many do impose is protections for at-risk players. The Curaçao Gaming Commission, the Malta Games Commission, and the Gibraltar Commission—for instance—all have these requirements.

Protections include capping game sessions at a certain time, imposing withdrawal and deposit limits, and even suspending or permanently deleting problem accounts. It’s all about having limits and knowing when to stop, and offshore sports betting sites have the tools to help with gambling addiction.

Try Your Hand At Offshore Sports Betting

Although more states and countries are beginning to legalize sports betting, there are still many advantages to offshore sports betting that make it the more popular option.

For one thing, it’s still the only choice for many people in places where sports betting is illegal. But it’s the other benefits, like greater rewards, tax-free revenue, more innovative technology, and more competitive odds that make offshore betting such an attractive alternative to legal sports betting.

We hope you found this article informative and helpful. For more lifestyle and tech tips and advice, please feel free to check out the rest of our site. And remember: always gamble responsibly.


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