Look Amazing From Head to Toe: A Bride’s Guide to Choosing the Best Wedding Hair Accessories

Around 30% of brides said they would’ve exchanged their wedding dress for a different one after looking at their photos, which shows how taking the time to plan your dream look is crucial.

An overlooked part of the ensemble is wedding hair accessories, but these can make or break your look. Because of this, brides should browse options until they find the perfect accessory to accompany their dress. Perhaps you’re currently browsing wedding hair accessories, but you’re not sure how to find one you’re completely happy with.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about choosing wedding hair accessories.

Consider Your Personal Style

Before browsing hair accessories for your wedding, it’s important to factor in your personal style.

There’s no point choosing an elaborate accessory if you’re not feeling it as it could affect your confidence on your big day. You should also consider the wedding’s venue as that will determine the types of wedding hair accessories that will work. For instance, you’ll want a simple piece if you’re tying the knot on the beach compared to a lavish statement accessory.

If you’re stumped for inspiration, then check out Bella Luna jewelry for an extensive selection of attractive pieces.

Choose a Hairstyle

Another tip for finding the best wedding hair accessories is deciding which hairstyle you’ll have and where you want the wedding hairpieces.

This is because certain accessories are designed to be worn in a certain part of your head, so decide whether you want to wear one that works on the front, side, or back. Pro tip: brides with thinner hair should avoid bulkier hair accessories as they’ll likely shift during the day.

Find the Different Types of Accessories

There are many types of hairpieces for brides, which is great if you love accessories. One of the most popular choices is bridal hair clips as they work with a range of dresses and your style. Or, if you want to be a princess on your big day, then wear an elegant tiara or headband.

Brides who love flowers should choose a silver piece for a subtle look as it works well with braids. Further, hair vines becoming more popular as it looks great for brides after a romantic or boho chic style. Whatever you choose, make sure you view each accessory from all angles, especially if you’ve spent hundreds on a wedding photographer, and consider the colour of the metal.

Find Your Dream Wedding Hair Accessories Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re less nervous about choosing wedding hair accessories for your big day.

As you consider options, you should factor in your style and choose your hairstyle so you know what works. You should also take the time to browse the available accessories and view them from multiple angles as it gives you peace of mind. Happy hunting!

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