9 Fascinating Uber Facts You Need to Know

There are several Uber facts that you may find interesting. You can keep reading to learn more about how this business runs.

There are over 93 million Uber riders and three million drivers, which shows how this company has taken the ridesharing industry by storm.

Understanding Uber’s background is essential to learning how far they’ve come and how they stand out from its competitors. But, if you have limited knowledge or experience with them, you’re potentially missing out on a great company. Maybe it’s that concern that brought you here;

Hit the nail on the head? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are nine must-know Uber facts to consider.

1. Uber Wasn’t Always Uber

It’s rare to find a company that stuck with its initial name, and Uber is no different. Founders Travis Kalanick and Garett Camp suggested UberCab describe what the business entailed. But in 2011, the company officially became Uber when the app launched in San Fransisco.

2. Has a Unique Origin Story

One of the most interesting facts about Uber is its origin story. Garett Camp realized that the cost of travel was sky-high and wanted to address this issue. This is what jumpstarted Uber and set it apart from other companies at the time.

3. Uber Plays the Funniest April Fool’s Day Prank

Another fact that draws attention to Uber is its famous April Fool’s Day prank. The company claimed to make the world’s first anti-aging ice cream that combats at least eight signs of it. But despite the huge amount of enthusiasm sparked, Uber revealed that it was merely a prank.

4. The Company Faced Backlash in India

Not everyone was sold on calling an Uber. When the app launched in India, residents hated that the money paid to drivers was being funneled outside of the country. To fix this issue, the ridesharing app collaborated with e-wallet Paytm so that the funds stayed within India.

5. Runs the Most Popular Delivery Service

Ridesharing isn’t the only industry that Uber disrupted. You may have heard of Uber Eats, which boasts a staggering 81 million users. Despite other heavy hitters in the food delivery sector, it’s clear that Uber Eats reigns supreme and has become a household name.

6. Operates in Over 80 Countries

It’s no surprise that Uber operates in over 10,000 cities across 90 countries. The company wants to continue expanding but is facing laws and regulations in certain countries. Another fun fact is that Antarctica is the only continent where the company isn’t operating.

7. Drivers Aren’t Told the Destination

Employees driving for Uber will tell you that they never know the customer’s destination. This is because the company has a policy that won’t initially reveal it. The driver needs to either accept the ride before knowing where to drop them off.

8. UberKITTENS is Real

No, you didn’t misread it: UberKITTENS is a thing.

The service was rolled out in seven American cities and allows riders to cuddle with a kitten during transit. What’s not to love?

9. No Discount for Uber Drivers

Many companies give employees perks, but this isn’t the same for Uber. Drivers don’t receive any discounts or company benefits. Because of this, it could put off drivers who want extra support.

Benefits of Taking an Uber

Whether you’re worried about the risk of ridesharing or aren’t used to the app, taking an Uber is great for consumers.

A major benefit is that Uber is convenient. If it’s raining, you no longer need to wait for a taxi or wait around on the sidewalk. Instead, relax and get notified when the Uber is outside your door.

Also, passengers needn’t worry about carrying cash. This is because their bank details are linked to the company’s account, and you can even tip the driver via the app, making it a win-win.

Further, Uber drivers use their cars, incentivizing them to keep them pristine so customers return. This is reflected in the price as older cars are cheaper to ride in. And, thanks to sat-nav, your driver is far less likely to go the wrong way and waste your time or money.

Consumers also love how Uber offers competitive pricing. Although these pricing schemes vary between cities, you’re guaranteed a great price because it’s monitored by the app. Also, Uber tells you beforehand of the price so that if you’re worried about the price, you can shop around before investing.

Another huge advantage of Uber is the safety aspect. Passengers are assured that drivers have received background checks, registered their identities, and added their credit card numbers to the app. Because of this, you know that the company hasn’t simply hired anyone off the street to keep their customers safe.

Benefits of Driving an Uber

On the flip side, if you’re interested in driving, passengers are vetted too. Drivers can report any rude customers, leave consistently low ratings, or even become a threat to drivers.

Additionally, Uber drivers love how much more freedom they have compared to other black car drivers. You can simply log in when you have time and can take off time if necessary. Because of this, driving for ridesharing apps has become a popular side hustle option to make extra cash.

Enjoy Our Top Uber Facts

Hopefully, these Uber facts have inspired you to check out this company.

There are many great facts about the company, such as its famous April Fool’s pranks and how it faced backlash in India. Consumers should also learn about how it disrupted the food delivery industry and even allowed passengers to ride with kittens. Which fact is your favorite?

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