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7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Moving Company

Around 48% of people who’ve moved recently confirm that packing is the most stressful part.

Moving to a new place may cause sleepless nights. If not careful, you might damage items, lose others and even injure yourself.

Hiring a moving company can help relieve a lot of stress. With their assistance, you’ll not have to worry about packing, loading, and unloading. Also, the experts will be keen on offering reliable and quality moving services.

Knowing how to hire the best moving company is essential. Here are seven questions to ask when hiring a moving company.

1. Is Your Company Licensed or Insured?

While every trustworthy moving company will have full insurance coverage for their services, there’re always a few bad firms that don’t. The same goes for licensing.

Your primary concern is to find out what type of liability coverage the movers provide. At a minimum, they should have a public liability policy.

Learning about public liability and worker’s compensation insurance would be best. This is essential because if one of the movers gets injured while on your property, you could be liable if the company doesn’t offer worker’s comp.

Moreover, the type of permit a moving company has depends on your local government’s requirements. If you’re moving to another state, they’ll need a license for interstate moves.

2. What’s Your Packing Process?

The moving part that causes the most stress is packing, and you’ll have to discuss it with the prospective moving company. Enquire about their packing process.

Find out who does the packing. You should be sure if they’ll do it or expect you to handle it. Also, ask who loads the trucks.

Since packing causes a lot of stress, work with the moving company that handles packing, loading, and unloading.

You also need to know how they will handle special items such as furniture with glass doors, electronics and musical instruments.

3. Can I Get an Estimate?

No one loves surprises on a moving day, especially concerning money. Ensure you get a quote for your move.

Depending on your move’s complexity, you may require a company representative to come to your home and create an onsite visual estimate.

All written estimates should include:

  • A breakdown of charges
  • Contact details for the moving company
  • Payment method
  • Dates for your move

Assist the representative in making an accurate estimate by providing specific details about your items.

4. Do I Provide the Moving Supplies?

If you’ve previously moved, you know the hassle of going from one store to store looking for packing boxes. Your only wish is to get there before the empty boxes go to the crusher.

A good moving company will save you the stress and provide you will the supplies. They will also provide you with tape and blankets to wrap fragile items.

5. Does the Company Offer Storage?

It’s wise when you can move from your current house directly into the new one. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, so you’ll need storage for your goods.

Ask whether the moving experts give access to storage units. If they do, enquire about the pricing and how long you can store your belongings.

6. Can I Have Your References?

Modern technology gives you access to too much information about a company with the touch of a button. Take time to read the reviews on their firm’s website.

You can always count on satisfied customers to give positive reviews. If you can’t find reviews on their page, use a general review website such as Better Business Bureau.

You also need to ask the company for their references. They need to give you the contact details of some of their previous clients. Then call them and find out about their experience with the moving company.

7. What’s Your Business Experience?

While there’s nothing wrong with working with the new firm on the block, experience matters, you want a moving company that prioritizes competence and reliability.

Rather than just asking about how long they have been in business. Talk about the various projects they’ve undertaken.

Don’t assume that all moving tasks, which involve packing, loading, and unloading, are the same. The fact is that every move is unique.

Look for a team that knows how to handle your goods. It’s essential that you work with movers that will arrive on time and have the job done in the right time frame as agreed.

Also, work with experts that don’t need supervision to handle their work. You can plan a meeting with them and carry out an interview.

Be keen on how the experts interact with you. It means a lot about their customer service. Aim at working with patient professionals who allow you to speak your mind.

You need to choose an established company that has worked out the kinks and streamlined its process.

Ask the Above Questions When Hiring a Moving Company

While this isn’t the complete list of questions you can ask when hiring a moving company, it’s a good start. The key to hiring the right mover services is asking the right questions.

Work with a reliable company and have less stress during the moving process. The experts will handle everything as you proceed to work on other personal aspects, such as changing your address and learning more about your new town.

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