6 Great Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors 

Spending more time outside can be beneficial for both your physical and emotional well-being but finding the time to get outside isn’t always easy. With these six ideas, however, you’ll be eager to embrace the great outdoors:

1. Ditch the Gym

If you work out regularly, then ditching the gym and switching to outdoor workouts can be a great way to spend more time in the sunshine. Running or jogging gives you the flexibility to train on your own terms, without the need for lots of equipment, for example. Alternatively, join an outdoor fitness class and you’ll get all the benefits of a group workout while spending time outdoors. 

2. Take Up Golf

If you’re looking for a new hobby or sporting pastime or you simply want a reason to get outside, golf is the ideal solution. From perfecting shots on the putting green to practising your swing at the driving range, there are numerous ways that golf can encourage you to spend more time outdoors. What’s more – lift kits allow your cart to tackle new terrain, so you can even go off-road and take up new challenges as you enhance your skills!

3. Cycle to Work

Commuting to and from work can take up a significant proportion of your day but you don’t have to spend this time sitting behind the wheel of your car, enclosed in a stuffy train carriage or squeezed onto an overcrowded bus. When you start cycling to work, you can boost your fitness and spend more time outdoors. In addition to this, many people find that cycling to and from work actually reduces their journey time as they’re able to avoid the traffic. 

4. Revamp Your Garden

You don’t have to engage in high-octane adventures or intensive exercise simply to spend more time outdoors. If you’re looking for relaxing ways to enjoy the season, then revamp your garden so that you have an enticing place to sit outdoors. From clearing debris, removing dead plants, and mowing the grass to installing a water feature, investing in new garden furniture or adding an awning to provide a little shade, there are endless ways to make your garden more inviting. 

5. Visit Outdoor Attractions

When you’re planning a day out, focus on visiting outdoor venues or attractions that will enable you to spend more time outdoors. A day at the beach, a trip to a nature reserve or even tickets to an outdoor concert can be fun ways to spend time outside, for example. With options to suit everyone, you can plan days out at outdoor attractions that will suit family members and friends. 

6. Take a Daily Walk

If spending lots of time outdoors seems like too much of a commitment, start small and factor a daily walk into your schedule. Simply spending a few minutes walking to the end of your street or going around the block will highlight just how beneficial spending time outdoors can be and, once you begin to enjoy your new activity, you’ll find yourself eager to do more. 

Why Is Spending Time Outside So Good for You?

When you spend time outdoors, you have the opportunity to undertake physical exercise, but you can also slow your mind down, relax and enjoy everything nature has to offer. As a result, you’ll find that your stress levels decrease and your endorphins get a natural boost, which enhances your mood. With plenty of benefits on offer, spending time outdoors can be a fun, free and easy way to enhance every aspect of your lifestyle. 

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