5 Small Business Jobs to Outsource

The Office of Advocacy defines a small business as an independent business that has less than 500 employees. As a business grows, it can change employment size classes.

What happens if you don’t need full-time employees to run your business? Outsourcing is a common solution for businesses with tight budgets that need employees only part-time.

To get the help you need to have a successful company, outsource these common small business jobs.

1. Accountant

One of the most common small business jobs to outsourcing is an accountant.

Without a financial expert, it can take a lot of skills and time to learn simple accounting processes that include compliance standards and financial reporting.

A skilled accountant can manage the financial area of a business to increase efficiency and save you money. Since you don’t need an accountant working daily, there’s no real reason to hire one in-house.

2. Marketing Team

A small business in-house team might include individuals who have an understanding of marketing but don’t know enough to make a real effect on business.

Outsourcing for small business marketing is common because companies tend to hire full-service marketing agencies. Not only does this save money, but it provides your business with all of the tools it needs for successful campaigns.

3. IT Management

Small business tasks often involve the use of technology. These days, if your network is down, it can take a good chunk of productivity time away.

IT management should always be outsourced to a professional technician that knows what they are doing.

There are different IT jobs you can outsource. You can have a person on-call to handle disruptive technology issues or hire a CTO part-time to offer technical leadership and strategies. Learn more about fractional CTO cost now.

4. Customer Service

Small business employees can handle customer service at your physical business location, but what about customers online?

If your company deals mainly with customers over the phone or online, outsource this task to a call center or chat service.

To do this effectively, you need to provide clear instructions on how an outside company should deal with your customers directly. They’ll need to know about your business, systems, and services.

You can provide call centers with a clear script to follow as guidance.

5. Human Resources

Your small business budget might not cover a full-time HR representative who deals with a variety of tasks. You’ll need human resources for business so consider outsourcing the job.

Human resource tasks often involve hiring, onboarding, and managing employees. It’s common for businesses to outsource this area of work with a talent recruitment service to bring in qualified candidates.

Other outsourced HR professionals cover administration, payroll, training, etc.

Small Business Jobs to Outsource Today

Not a lot of small businesses can afford to hire full-time employees for every task. Instead of going without the help, you need, outsource common small business jobs.

Outsourcing can save your company money without sacrificing talent and productivity. When you outsource the above five jobs, you’ll be connected with top individuals in their profession.

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