5 Simple SEO Tips To Improve Performance Within an Hour

If you’re trying to find an accurate, step-by-step SEO audit checklist that you can use immediately, you’ll love this post.

It’s a very straightforward and simple process that will get more visitors and traffic to your site as quickly as possible. Whether you’re looking to work on a startup or have owned your site for a long time, to improve its visibility in Google’s search engine, you need to have a good understanding of the page optimization process.

To that end, we’ve selected for you the most important things that affect your site’s ranking that you should definitely consider during SEO promotion.

01. Choose the Right URL

Before you publish your site, give it a name. Your domain should be simple, memorable, and preferably be the same as your brand name. By looking at the domain, Google tends to understand what your site is about and decides how to rank it.

Make sure the URLs of all your pages are clean and nice looking. This means no special characters in the URL, it includes the domain name. contains keywords and they are separated by a hyphen, not an underscore.

02. Create SEO Headlines and Descriptions for Each Page

To improve the performance of the output, you can write a unique SEO headline and description. These are short texts that accurately and clearly describe what you are doing. Sometimes they may contain several keywords and phrases that users can use to search for similar products or services.

The headline is the text that appears when you hover your mouse over a tab in the browser. It usually contains an article title, page title, or keyword.

The description does not appear on your page, but it is very important to search engines.

The title and description are some of the first elements search engine bots look at when evaluating your page. In addition, once your site appears on the search engine results page, users will read the title and description to get an initial idea of the content of your site.

03. Use Anchor Text

Anchor text is clickable text. The link leads to another article, page, information resource, etc.  When you’re writing the text for your site, think about where you can use anchor links.

For example, the words “Check out our live gambling collection” on your homepage could be linked to the “Live Casino” category product page on https://nationalcasino.com/live-casino.

Anchor text is a great way to improve SEO. Keep in mind that too many links can interfere with users and become a red flag for Google.

04. Add Alternative Text to Images

Search engines know how to read text on websites, but they haven’t quite figured out how to look at images yet. To understand what’s shown in a photo or illustration, search engines look for “alt text.” This is a 5-7 word short description for each image on the page. Give a short and clear description of the image, try to include the brand name and related keywords.

05. Make a Proper Header and Subheader Structure

Every page on your site should have a header, subheader, and so on. If you use the right hierarchy, search engines will understand your content better. The most important part is the title of your page, and you should define it as H1 in a text editor.

The main header is H1. It goes very first in the text. Tell the main purpose and give a brief description of your text. The H1 header is used only once per page.

Headings H2 delimited large text with the different semantic loads. For example, these will be the titles of the sections of the article.

Headings H3 are designed to emphasize the important parts of text in sections H2. Optimal is considered to use a maximum of 3 headings H3.

Instead of Conclusion

On-page SEO is one of the most important components of any marketing strategy, but it hardly gets the attention it deserves. How you format content, optimize metadata, or use images directly affects your rankings and user experience. 

Of course, this list is very short; there are many more relevant items of SEO promotion. But you have to start somewhere, and it’s better to start with something that’s quick and easy. Either way, if you’re already spending hours creating stellar content, it makes sense to spend a few extra minutes to get the most out of the work you’ve done.

Try with all rigour and seriousness to take such a question as SEO optimization and promotion of your product on the Internet. It directly affects your popularity and the level of trust of your customers, and consequently your direct income, the success of your company, and its further place in the industry.


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