5 Interesting Facts About Australia

Australia is the only country that is also a continent. Let that sink in for a minute. Besides kangaroos and Vegemite, there is probably not much else you know about this vast country.

That’s a shame because Australia is a veritable world of wonder. So, if you’re ready to get your mind blown, keep reading for more insane facts about Australia.

1. You Can Drink Like a Royal Almost Anywhere

Royal is the single most popular pub name in Australia. Many believe that the name came about during Australia’s colonial days when it was fashionable to imply ties to the British royal family.

Pub owners often named pubs for their surroundings. As a result, other popular names are Railway and Commercial.

2. It Snows Down Under

If you’re like many folks, you must have assumed that it never snows in Australia, where 35% of the land is desert. It may shock you then that the part of Australia where it snows in the winter receives more snow than all of the Swiss Alps.

Mount Buller in Victoria is where the Australian Winter Olympics team is stationed, and many competitions are held there. To see more world-class athletes hit the powder, visit Perisher in New South Wales, where Olympians often train.

3. You Can’t Find Most of Australia’s Animals Anywhere Else

Australia is home to diverse animal kingdoms. For example, 8 in 10 animals are unique to this land, including ten of the world’s most venomous snakes.

Wildlife experiences abound in Australia. So if you need things to do in Australia, your best bet is to schedule a wildlife tour.

4. Australia Is the Largest Country Fully Surrounded by Water

When you’re searching for facts about Australia, you will often see ones about the beach. That’s because the coastline of Australia stretches an impressive 29,000 miles. That mileage equates to over 10,000 beaches.

In fact, locals say that you are never further than 50km from a beach.

Thousands of beaches mean there is no shortage of places to stay on the water. For example, this caravan park sets you mere steps away from the beach in Kioloa, a famous beachside hamlet.

Suppose you’re interested in visiting every beach in Australia. In that case, you should know that it will take you 27 years if you go to a different one every day.

5. Aboriginal Culture Is Thousands of Years Old

The Aboriginal Australians have lived in Australia for over 60,000 years. They are one of the world’s oldest continuously practicing cultures and an integral part of the history of Australia.

Today it’s still possible to learn how the Aboriginal people lived. They left behind red ochre cave paintings and stone carvings that give us clues on how they viewed their world.

Still, Craving Facts About Australia?

As you’ve learned, the country of Australia is a vast and magical land. Australia boasts landscapes that include craggy mountain coasts, rainforests, and deserts. So you see, there are way more facts about Australia than can fit in one blog post.

Lucky for you, traveling to Australia seems like the next logical step.

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