5 Earring Storage Ideas to Consider for New Users

Do you wear earrings that haven’t seen the light of day in quite a while? There are several easy and affordable ways to get organized with earring storage.

Your earrings need a safe home where they can rest and shine. Why purchase a large, bulky jewelry box and take up unwanted space in your bedroom when you can use everyday items to be organized?

Read on to learn about earring storage ideas that you need in your life!

1. Wall Mount Earring Organizers

If you’re a new user looking for a stylish way to store and organize your earrings, a wall-mounted earring organizer is a great option. These organizers provide a space-saving solution. Some organizers even feature ornate designs or compartments for other jewelry pieces.

Installing one of these organizers is simple to DIY and a great way to put those empty walls to use. Wall mount earring organizers are functional, inexpensive, and can be hung in any room.

2. Jewelry Slates

Jewelry slates are one of the best earring storage ideas to consider for new users. The convenient and accessible design allows you to store both small and larger earring pieces. The stylish design also provides an aesthetic look for any room.

You can hang or stand the board or place it in a drawer, whatever works best for you. With its low price and lightweight construction, it’s easy to find a place to store it.

3. Jewelry Boxes for Earring Storage

Jewelry boxes are one of the most popular earring storage options for new jewelry owners. Jewelry boxes offer convenient ways to organize according to the types of earrings. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can find one that best fits your needs.

You can buy boxes that can store a variety of items or even those specifically for earrings. Find a box that provides enough chamber and the ability to keep them separate from the others.

4. Metal Earring Holders

Metal earring holders are an excellent choice when creating an earring stand. They are durable and long-lasting and are perfect for storing small to large earrings. They are also highly portable and can be taken anywhere, so you can show off your favorite emerald green earrings.

There are also metal holders that are designed to hold many pairs of earrings, so you don’t have to worry about mixing up your earrings. With metal earring holders, you can always be sure that your jewelry collection is in order.

5. Decorative Houseplants

Consider houseplants to hang your earrings off, it adds a unique decorative style to your home. To achieve a unique earring display, use various shapes and sizes of planters. If the planter is too big, create a DIY earring holder with air-dry clay.

Attach your earrings with jewelry pliers and let the structure dry. Create your little garden of eardrops. Not only is this an attractive display, but it’ll also free up space in your closet.

Try These Creative Earring Storage Ideas

Earring storage is an important part of the jewelry industry and can be incredibly beneficial if organized correctly. With the right tools and products, organizing earrings can be an easy and fun experience.

Try out one of these earring storage ideas today to get organized and always have easy access to your jewelry!

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