5 Cannabis Growing Mistakes to Avoid

The legal cannabis market is on track to grow to about $40 billion in the next few years. With the industry on fire right now, it’s a prime opportunity for you to release your own products.

Messing up the growth will ruin your progress before you even get started. There are some common new grower mistakes you’ll want to be aware of as you go through the process.

Below are some cannabis growing mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

1. Failing to Research the Process

Growing cannabis requires a lot of diligence and deliberateness. Spend a few months or more studying the cannabis cultivation process so that you can hit the ground running.

Study lighting, water purification, nutrients, grow schedules, and more. Invest in the best marijuana growing equipment that you can afford.

Mapping out your strategy will help you avoid preventable mistakes.

2. Too Much or Poor Quality Water

Misusing water creates one of the most common cannabis plant problems. Water is the most important ingredient for any cannabis grow. It keeps your plant thriving and makes sure that it grows and blossoms on schedule.

Using poor quality water will also kill your plants or ruin their potency. Avoid the temptation to overwater your plants, because this will also drown them out and prevent quality yields.

3. Not Learning Enough About the Strain

Each strain has its own special genetics and characteristics. This means they also have different needs during the growing process.

Research the best weed to grow and which strains are popular right now. Purchase quality, pure seeds from trustworthy cannabis nurseries. Find out how much light and water they need, their harvesting timetable, and what terpenes and cannabinoids to expect.

4. Poor Light Choices

Cannabis plants need hours and hours of light to grow properly. Consider whether you’re going to do an indoor or outdoor grow. If you grow indoors, you have more control over the conditions and how much light the plant is exposed to.

Outdoor grows give you pure sunlight power, but also expose your plants to more hazards and dangers. Alternate between sessions of light exposure and protection from light so that your plant goes through the proper cycles.

5. Mismanaging pH and Nutrients

Invest in some quality pH testing equipment and check regularly. Keeping your pH levels balanced will prevent contamination and allow your plants to flourish.

Use fertilizer blends of nitrogen, phosphorous, and other important nutrients. However, overfeeding your plants can also do more harm than good, so use fertilizers judiciously.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn money and make an impact if you decide to go into the cannabis business. Let this grower’s guide serve as your starting point.

Avoid These Cannabis Growing Mistakes

These cannabis growing mistakes should be avoided at all costs. Cutting out these preventable mistakes will help you keep your growing operation on schedule, so you can get your products to the masses.

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