5 Benefits of the Mercedes G Wagon

Despite the microchip shortage in the automotive industry, the Mercedes G wagon set a new sales record with over 40,000 vehicles delivered last year. 2022 could be a year full of continued momentum for the SUV.

Mercedes has plenty of models of vehicles, but the G wagon continues to be a favorite. Why are so many individuals eager to buy a G wagon even after years of popularity? Keep reading to learn the five benefits of owning one.

1. Design

The Mercedes G wagon is one of a kind. Many enjoy the design because it is like nothing else on the road making it a distinct and iconic level car.

Its unique road presence is thanks to the square lines and blunt sides. While a lot of newer cars look very similar, the G wagon is in a class of its own if you like the brutish shape.

2. Interior

Much like the exterior of this G-class Mercedes vehicle, the interior is to die for. The Mercedes Benz G wagon has a classy interior design, comfort, and luxury, and uses the latest technology.

The interior design is much more luxurious than people realize when looking at the outside. While air vents are present, the leather seats and ambient lighting make it a vehicle you’ll never want to get out of.

3. Off-Road Ability

Most that buy a G wagon do so because it is an iconic car with a high-status symbol. What they don’t know is that it’s capable of going off-road even though you often see them strolling through cities.

The air suspension in these vehicles has an off-road mode that helps the car navigate deep water and rough terrain.

4. It Comes With a Lot of History

It’s easy to forget how old G wagons are because of their increase in popularity over the past few years. It started in the 70s when it was suggested to Mercedes to build an SUV.

The difference between then and now is that it once was favored by the military and is now seen as a luxury-class vehicle for the rich. As clients started to change, the stability of the vehicle stayed while overall bringing it up.

5. You Can Write Off Expenses on Your Taxes

One of the well-known cons of purchasing a Mercedes G wagon is that it is on the expensive side of the spectrum. Luckily, the G wagon tax write off exists to combat that issue.

However, this writes off only applies if you use your G wagon for most businesses. You’ll have to meet certain requirements to be eligible for this perk.

Should You Own a Mercedes G Wagon?

Owning a Mercedes G wagon comes with a lot of pros. Most people find that the design and interior of this luxury-class vehicle are enough to make a purchase.

If this isn’t enough for you, consider the off-road ability and the history behind the durable vehicle and Mercedes as a whole. If the price is stopping you from making a decision, check eligibility for tax write-offs for more benefits.

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