4 Strategies for Teaching Grade School Math

Can you believe that the United States ranks a measly 31st in math out of almost 80 countries?

It all begins with elementary math and builds from there. This is why it’s so important to start teaching proven strategies early on instead of after a student has developed ineffective habits. With the U.S. slipping so behind, the job of a math teacher is more important than ever.

Are you wondering how to do it in the most effective way possible? Keep reading to learn all about 4 strategies for teaching grade school math.

1. Act Out Real-Life Situations

When it comes to teaching math, things can often feel too abstract. This could make it much more difficult to process what you’re teaching them. Instead, you can increase knowledge retention when you apply math concepts to everyday scenarios.

For instance, it’s better to teach addition and subtraction by applying those concepts to buying things in a store. You can even hand out fake money so that one person can play the cashier while other people can act as customers.

2. Add Hands-On Elements

Whether you’re teaching multiplication or something else, a hands-on element can also make things feel less abstract. Counting out money is one example but by no means the only example out there.

With little kids, you can have them count fruit or colored balls. If they’re a bit older, feel free to give them Legos or other objects in this category. As they build structures, they’ll need to use math.

3. Assign Little Teachers

If you want more strategies for math, then don’t forget that teaching something is also one of the best ways to learn and remember concepts forever.

Once you think they’re ready, you should put your students in groups and have one in each group act as the teacher who explains math concepts to the other students and helps them out if need be.

4. Add Visuals

While hands-on exercises are great for certain math concepts, visuals can also work great when teaching grade school math. For instance, this multiplication chart can make a whole world of difference during your lessons.

If they can see it instead of trying to picture it in their heads for the first few times, that’ll go a long way toward moving the information into their long-term memory.

Are You Ready to Teach Grade School Math?

Now that you’ve learned all about 4 strategies for teaching grade school math, you can make sure that your students can end up becoming math whizzes. Their parents are sure to thank you for everything you do to nurture their children’s minds.

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