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3 Tips for Investing in North Carolina Solar

North Carolina’s solar adoption is increasing, with more and more people seeking to harness the sun’s energy to produce power. Solar panels are no longer seen as ‘odd’ or ‘strange’ when you drive through the neighborhood. Solar power will become the norm in future decades!

Aside from the environmental benefits, you increase your home’s value and save money from tax incentives. Getting in on the ground floor now can save you money.

Here are three tips for investing in North Carolina solar.

1. North Carolina Solar and the Environment

Solar energy is clean, renewable energy, and it reduces your carbon footprint. With it, your impact on the environment is minimal.

Energy plants use water to create electricity. With solar power in North Carolina, you use less water.

Fossil fuels create pollutants that contribute to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In North Carolina, you want to keep enjoying our beautiful beaches and even skiing in the mountains. Solar power in North Carolina helps maintain that benefit.

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, check out North Carolina solar installers Blue Raven Solar.

2. Increase Your Home’s Value

Using North Carolina solar installers to add solar panels to your home is like remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. It’s a home upgrade! Increase your home’s value by adding solar panels.

The federal government found homebuyers will pay a premium for a home with solar panels. Some studies suggest you can boost your home’s value by as much as 5% by installing solar panels. Why not take advantage of North Carolina solar installers?

When someone buys your home with solar power in North Carolina, they see the benefits immediately.

3. Take Advantage of Tax Incentives

When you use North Carolina solar installers, you get a nice tax break. The state will not tax you on the increased value of your home, thanks to solar power in North Carolina. The North Carolina solar incentives are many.

You’ll also get credit from the power company for selling unused solar power back to the power company. ‘Net metering’ uses the energy created when you’re not home, selling it back to the power grid.

While there is an initial cost to installing solar power in North Carolina, the return on your investment will be quick. You will start to see the tax breaks and lower utility bills soon.

Cities and counties can also get low-interest loan rates on installing new solar panel equipment using North Carolina solar installers. You may also qualify for other benefits from your local government. You will benefit financially from North Carolina solar incentives.

Three Tips for Investing in North Carolina Solar

There are three tips for investing in North Carolina solar. Using North Carolina solar installers benefits the environment, increases your home value, and allows you to take advantage of tax incentives. Shortly after using North Carolina solar installers, you will see the financial and environmental benefits.

Why wait? Act now to start making a difference!

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