3 Tips for Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform

Every company, regardless of its size, strives to connect with its target market to grow its business. With the help of marketing automation tools, you can tailor your message to the needs of your customers and grow faster.

You can cut your marketing budget and generate higher rates of return on investment (ROI). With automation, you get immediate visibility on what happens with your leads.

Keep on reading to learn more about choosing a marketing automation platform.

1. Understand Your Business Goals and Needs

Before selecting the right platform for your business, it is important to weigh multiple options and comprehend the needs of your market and potential customers. You should have an understanding of what you want to achieve with the platform and what functions and features you need.

Determine your current customer base and what digital marketing strategies you will be using. Taking an in-depth look into the capabilities of each can help you determine the right platform for your business. Take the time to do some research and create a plan that will ensure the right platform is selected.

2. Prioritize Features and Functionalities

When making a list of criteria that the platform needs to meet, consider the needs of your team and how different tools can help them achieve their goals. For example, customer segmentation, lead scoring, and automated campaigns may be key considerations.

Evaluate both current and future needs to fully understand what different platforms offer. Some platforms offer specialized features or may be more cost-effective in certain circumstances.

During the selection process, discuss the features with the team to ensure everyone is comfortable with the interface and any feature limitations that may exist. Finally, look for platform versatility to ensure that the platform grows with your business.

3. Review Customer Service and Support

When looking at customer service and help for a marketing automation platform, make sure to check what kind of support is available.

What kinds of ways do they talk to you (email, phone, chat)? Is there a team of helpers on call? Do they offer help with an information base?

Also, think about when they are open. Customer help should always be available since having your marketing automation system “down” is not ideal.

Read online reviews to find out what people who have used the tool before have to say about it. Lastly, check the price to make sure it fits your budget. You can use Adobe Experience Cloud to figure out which marketing automation tool is best for your business.

Getting Your Marketing Automation Platform Right

Given the competitive landscape and potential ROI of marketing automation, it’s important to research the marketing automation platform to find the one best suited to you. Make sure to consider features, support, and needs before making a decision.

The right platform can help you leverage automation, improve customer engagement, and free up valuable resources. Get started finding the right platform today!

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